Grow Culturally


95% of all human intelligence can be categorized as Tacit or Implicit Knowledge, meaning our perspectives and lived experiences shape our world view and how we eventually come to given conclusions. 26 Ed provides interactive Professional Development which enlightens, and broadens it's participants perspectives leading to improved student outcomes.

Develop a Changed Mindset


26 Ed provides 25+ hours of CEU's, throughout the process of which, participants begin to see their new teachings and way of thinking played out in the classroom and in other student interactions. Over the course of the 12 interactive lessons educators will be exposed to new information, ideas, historical context and ways of thinking that will change their practice.

Watch Your Students Grow


Positive student outcomes, academic and otherwise - this is why we got into teaching and why we created 26 Ed. The framework that 26 Ed is based upon has proven to lead to increased student engagement, fewer referrals and improved standardized test scores. Evoking critical consciousness empowers our students to be the architect of their own eventual outcomes. READ MORE

So How Do We Do This?

26 Ed provides twelve, sequential and interactive lessons all geared towards increasing empathy, understanding and racial equity competence while building a foundation of common language for which progress can be built upon.

Lessons come equipped with any and all definitions, multimedia resources, critical thinking questions and activities and exit slips.