Is my information protected?

Yes. 26 Ed is a 3rd party application so all individual responses are protected. Further, if there is any group or demographic with less than 5 people this information is stricken from any of the interactive data within the aggregate reports.

Do you really offer 8 CEU's towards my relicensure?

We offer 8 CEU's for participating in all 12 lessons provided. Once you have completed all 12 we will send you a certificate.

Can I only participate in a lesson once?

No. The lessons are yours for an entire year! Participate in them as often as you'd like, returning to ones you found most helpful or insightful whenever.

So how does it actually work?

It couldn't be more simple! Using your school email you create an account (email and password) within minutes we send you a link to get started. There's a brief "pre-assessment" after which you'll have full access to all lessons, related materials and the discussion forum where you can post questions, comments or ideas.

How do schools best leverage 26 Ed?

We've seen schools leverage 26 Ed in several effective ways but typically these approaches involve a combination of folks participating in the lessons on their own and team or building-wide discussions. What's great about this approach is people come to meeting already possessing  the knowledge and insights derived from the lessons so they can readily and willingly engage in deeper and more meaningful conversations.