We're educators, data scientists, engineers and more all unified around one common goal: create classrooms and education systems that sustain hope and healing.

Our trainings, workshops and consulting are informed by thousands of data points provided by local educators. This ensures that our offerings are not only relevant but address key issues present in education today.



Racial Equity in Schools

Building Community and Exploring Identity

Counter Narratives

Legal Construction of Race

Understanding Heterogeneity

American Identity

Oppression and Privilege

Racial and Structural Oppression in Schools

Frameworks for Liberation

Critical Pedagogy

Critical Pedagogy in the Classroom

How can educational practice sustain hope and healing?

What is the Purpose of School? (Radically Healing Schools and Community)

Building Strong Culture and Engage with the Community

Understanding and Building Cultural Competence

Staff Intercultural Development

Staff Intergenerational Development

Understanding Differences Among Colleagues

Strategies for Engaging the Community

Strategies for Creating Community Stakeholders as Shared Decision Makers